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Over the last year, Hytale composer Oscar Garvin has produced dozens of new tracks for the game. In Hytale, each zone has a distinct set of music that helps establish its atmosphere and sense of place. Many biomes and points of interest have their own unique soundtracks, too, and we’re currently looking into ways to… Read more »


Hello again! We’ve already put out quite a few posts today, but this one’s a little bit different. Instead of focusing on a single feature or big reveal, we’re going to round up a selection of the work that the team has been doing lately. This is one way that we’re changing up how we… Read more »

Hytale is still the Most Anticipated Game of 2019

We already know quite a lot about Hytale, but no specific release date has yet been revealed. The Minecraft community and fans of this type of game are waiting with bated breath as evidenced by the last nomination at the Golden Joystick Awards. Hytale was among the 11 most-awaited productions, next to Cyberpunk 2077. Everyone is… Read more »

Hytale beta information, release date

Hytale is an upcoming sandbox game with elements from many games, but in particular Minecraft and Terraria. You will be able to explore a procedurally generated world, and delve into dungeons and battle against monsters to gain treasure! You can gather and destroy just about everything, and you will be able to create whatever you want with block-by-block… Read more »


When Will Hytale Release?

Hytale is a game that has been on many people’s radar ever since they first announced it with their Official Trailer in December. There is an extraordinary amount of hype around the game due to some of the incredible features showcased in the trailer and Blog Posts. While we have no confirmed date for Hytale’s release, it is speculated to… Read more »

How do I Reserve a Hytale Username?

Usernames are a huge part of any multiplayer game, every player wants an attractive username that fits them specifically, however in Hytale, usernames are unique, meaning a single name will not be able to be used twice. This unfortunately means if you’re not first to choose your name, someone else might take it before you!… Read more »

Creating sounds in Hytale

In this blog post, we’re going to show you how Hytale sfx designer Kieran Fitzpatrick goes about creating sound effects for the game. In order to demonstrate this process, we’re going to take a closer look at one of the denizens of zone 1: the swamp-dwelling Fen Stalker. You may have spied a Fen Stalker… Read more »