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Hytale Avatar Customization & Item Creation Information


If you are a big fan of creating skins in Minecraft and customizing your avatar then you are going to love Hytale. The game has a built-in area where you can customize just about everything to do with your clothing and look. Here's a screenshot of the character creation UI:

Hytale Item Creation

Just like in Minecraft you will be able to customize a whole slew of items. It appears at first glance that rather than having to position ingredients in a certain way, in Hytale you'll just need to have the specific items in your inventory. Keep in mind this is still early in the process, and things can change radically as we head towards release. Here's an early screenshot from the Workbench UI:

As you get deeper into the game, you will potentially be able to craft and loot higher grade weaponry that has unique stats and attributes. Here's a look at some of the tool tips from these more advanced items.

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