A look at Hytales landscape generation system

Hi there! In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at Hytale’s world generation system – specifically, the various techniques we use to create dramatic, procedurally generated landscapes across each of adventure mode’s zones. We first discussed this topic in January 2019, and you may wish to go back and read our introduction to… Read more »

How do I Reserve a Hytale Username using the name reservation

At current Hypixel studios have not given many details on the username reservation system all we know so far is the following : “Hytale usernames will be unique. This means that there can only be one ‘Bob’ or one ‘Sally’. We understand how important names are to players, so we’re excited to let you know… Read more »

Hytale Receives Its May 30th Dev Update

Hytale received its first trailer back at the end of 2018 and has since received monthly dev updates from the team on their official blog. The team is aiming to have the game ready for an early access release sometime in 2021. May’s update includes changes to the character customisation and new throwable item mechanics…. Read more »

Hytale will feature in-depth character customization

Hytale, the sandbox crafting game currently in development by the creators of one of the most popular Minecraft multiplayer servers, is chugging along toward its planned 2021 release. Regular progress updates continue being posted, the latest of which details its in-depth character customization, and throwable objects. Hytale seems like it will have a strong focus on cosmetics,… Read more »

Hytale Model Maker toolkit usage

The Hytale Model Maker gives players complete control over creating new game assets including furniture, blocks and outfits using 3D modeling software. Users can customize existing assets from Hytale or create their own. Custom creations can then be exported and tested in-game. Design The texture of leaves viewed through the Hytale Model Maker. Leaves use a flat plane which is… Read more »

A closer look at the Hytale Model Maker

Hytale Model Maker gives content creators the power to create new game assets without having to go and learn high-end 3D software. It was important to us to provide tools that were powerful but presented a low barrier to entry. If you decide that you want to start making things for Hytale, we plan to… Read more »

Hytale Model Maker what is it?

The Hytale Model Maker is a powerful tool, that features modeling, texturing, and animation of 3D models to export them directly to Hytale, with complete collaboration in real time similar to Google Docs. Layout and UI from both editors also suggest that they could be a part of a single tool for everything from scripting to modeling… Read more »

What we know about Hytale Modding

Hytale supports modding. According to the Hytale FAQ, the game was built with modding in mind. Because of that, the game features scripting, custom model creation, custom sound creation, and a collection of other tools to help creators. Scripting Hytale features a tentatively unknown scripting language. The scripts can be written in-game and their effect can… Read more »

What is known about Hytale Devastated Lands

The Devastated Lands, also referred to as Zone 4, is one of the six zones of Orbis. It is volcanic, consisting of ash-filled skies and magma-covered mountains, filled with creatures of lava, bones and ash. Surprisingly, underneath the volcanic landscape is a lush, underground jungle, filled with strange and dangerous creatures. Devastated Lands Biomes The tropical jungle is a subterranean biome located… Read more »

What is known about the Hytale Alterverses

Alterverses are alternative universes (planets) within the Adventure game mode of Hytale. There are currently only 5 known alterverses: Orbis, Nexus, Karpak, Tor’Balyn, and Numdrassl. Players start their journey at Orbis. Orbis Orbis is the main alterverse, where most of Hytale ’s story takes place. It appears to be the most Earth-like of the worlds presented. Orbis features at least four zones – Emerald Grove, Howling Sands, Borea and the Devastated Lands, (names not finalized) which each… Read more »