Hytale World Maps

Hytale worlds are procedurally generated so we’re sure seeds will be used and can be shared you will be able to share seeds right here on HytaleSpy at release for more about how Hytales Worlds work keep reading. Hytale’s world generation system: the technology that underpins every area you’ll explore as you progress through adventure… Read more »

Hytale is a Minecraft challenger – but it’s not Minecraft 2

  Upcoming adventure game Hytale might have origins in one of the most successful Minecraft community servers, but it definitely isn’t a simple follow-on to Mojang’s iconic block builder. One of the sandbox-RPG game’s devs has said they “don’t want people to think that we’re, like, building Minecraft 2.” In an interview with Edge magazine (issue 342), Hytale project lead at developer… Read more »

Hytale’s first gameplay footage, announcing a 2021 release

The devs behind Minecraft-server-turned-sandbox-RPG Hytale finally reckon they know when it’ll be done. Don’t get your hopes up for jumping in anytime soon, mind. In a development update posted this week, developers Hypixel think the ambitious block ’em up will be done by 2021. To keep you filled in ’til then dropped three additional update posts showing… Read more »

Hytale will have undead chickens

  Though it’s hidden away at the bum-end of the latest Hytale update, I felt compelled to call out the zombie chicken. Hytale’s NPCs will have multiple-tiers as you pass through the game’s adventure mode. Cursed with undeath, this chook will be one of a number of creatures for you to encounter. I hope it’s friendly, because… Read more »


Hi! At the end of November, we published our first progress update – a smaller round-up of recent development work that included new biomes, farming, and some new creatures. In this post, we’re going to give you a glimpse at some of the progress that we’ve made since, including exciting changes to the scope and structure of… Read more »


Hi, everyone! In this post, we’re going to update you on our future plans for Hytale, discuss the reasons why we’ve been quiet lately, and explain how we’re changing our approach to blog posts in order to ensure that we can be more transparent about the development of the game in the future. First of… Read more »