Hytale known Biomes

Biomes are regions in a world with varying geographical features. Each zone is made up of many different biomes. Two biomes are currently known: the autumn forest of zone 1 and the oasis of zone 2. Autumn forest Thick trees found in the autumn forest. One such biome found in the Emerald Grove is the autumn forest. Autumn forests are a… Read more »

Hytale Minigame server game modes

A minigame is a type of game that is played on a server with other players. Hytale will feature many different minigames able to be played in-game on servers found through the “Minigames” tab. Many of these minigames come directly from the Hypixel server. Minigames coming to Hytale include: SkyWars SkyWars is a multiplayer PvP minigame originally from the Hypixel server where players start off on separate islands and… Read more »

Hytale Server types and game modes

The server browser can filter different servers by type – minigame, adventure, co-op, competitive – and also by language. Servers will be tagged with what type of gameplay they offer. Players will also be able to differentiate between “official” and “unofficial” servers. Official servers are those which are directly owned and managed by Hypixel Studios,… Read more »

What is known about Hytale Multiplayer

Multiplayer allows players to join servers and play together. Players can join multiplayer servers to play together. Community servers can be found and joined through the server browser, and official servers can be found in the “Minigames” tab. Alternatively, an IP address can be used to join a server directly. Players can use their friends list to join servers friends… Read more »

Hytale Server Browser details

Eagle-eyed readers of our UI sneak peek article will have noticed a navigation tab called ‘servers’ at the top of Hytale’s main menu. Hytale’s server browser will let players quickly find community servers to play on. We will allow you to sort and filter by the types of games you’d like to play – adventure… Read more »

An overview of Hytale Servers

In this article, we’re going to introduce the technology that underpins every Hytale server – both how they work and how you’ll interact with them. In order to do so we’ll need to use some technical language, but we hope that you’ll be excited by the work we’re doing to make Hytale servers fast, easy… Read more »

Hytale Prefabs, Prefabricated content

Prefabricated content, also known as prefabs, are a collection of objects used for generating zones. Currently, there are around a total of 7,000 different prefabs in Hytale. The most common prefab are trees, which have many species and variations, depending on zone and biome. Another majority being Rooms, as each Parent room can spawn with a multitude Child Rooms (or Extentions). Alowing each… Read more »

Hytale World Zones Generation

Zones are unique procedurally-generated areas in Hytale‘s Adventure mode, with each zone having unique sets of Prefabs, Creatures, biomes, quests, characters and more. Zone 1 (currently known as “Emerald Grove”) is the starting zone for players. It has a lush green surface, lakes and sprawling caves under the surface and hot magma underneath the surface deep underground. It varies between extensive green plains, and… Read more »

Hytale Cave Generation details

Caves are also found on Orbis. They feature different creatures and resources, which are procedurally-generated, based on rules of the particular zone. However, most of the time, generation of these features follows the same format, which can be affected by underground prefabs, dungeons, and other natural generation like ravines, offering some variation. Ores may spawn, embedded within cave… Read more »

How Hytale World Generation works

Although each zone has different environments, each one has its own world-generation system. Each zone is composed of several biomes, such as forest, lakes, hills, ravines etc. Each zone has its own coastline, with ocean bordering at part of it. Even oceans have their own biomes within, giving players more to explore under the water’s surface. Players… Read more »