New Hytale Screenshots for March 2021, Hytale wins Anticipated Game

March 26, 2021
Hytale News
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Hytale Goblin bomb

As March 2021 draws to a close below we have a recap of all the new screenshots released by the Hytale team. This month we got a look at Sword effects another look at Goblins and much more. This month Hytale also won an award for the Most Anticipated Game at the NI Game Awards the team tweeted the following:

We’re very proud to have won ‘Most Anticipated Game’ at the NI Game Awards over the weekend – thank you to everybody involved and congratulations to the other winners and all of the nominees!

Trork Camp – March 5th 2021

Hytale Trork Camp

This week’s new Hytale screenshot features a Trork Camp surrounded by a forest as the sun sets on Orbis.

Goblin – March 12th 2021

Hytale Goblin bomb

This week the Hytale Team has released a screenshot showing a Goblin throwing a bomb at a player. We also get our 1st look at some new Sword effects.

Orbis – March 19th 2021

This week the Hytale team has released a new screenshot showing players building with the tweet stating The defense of Orbis is a task that falls to conquerors and makers alike…

Ramshackle settlement – March 26th 2021

The final screenshot released for March shows an underground settlement with a few Goblins. The following message was posted along side the screenshot. The tunnel opens out to reveal a ramshackle settlement – and a scrambling horde rushes to repel the interloper…

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