Hytale Models


Hytale Model Maker toolkit usage

The Hytale Model Maker gives players complete control over creating new game assets including furniture, blocks and outfits using 3D modeling software. Users can customize existing assets from Hytale or create their own. Custom creations can then be exported and tested in-game. Design The texture of leaves viewed through the Hytale Model Maker. Leaves use a flat plane which is… Read more »

A closer look at the Hytale Model Maker

Hytale Model Maker gives content creators the power to create new game assets without having to go and learn high-end 3D software. It was important to us to provide tools that were powerful but presented a low barrier to entry. If you decide that you want to start making things for Hytale, we plan to… Read more »

Hytale Model Maker what is it?

The Hytale Model Maker is a powerful tool, that features modeling, texturing, and animation of 3D models to export them directly to Hytale, with complete collaboration in real time similar to Google Docs. Layout and UI from both editors also suggest that they could be a part of a single tool for everything from scripting to modeling… Read more »

Hytale will have undead chickens

Though it’s hidden away at the bum-end of the latest Hytale update, I felt compelled to call out the zombie chicken. Hytale’s NPCs will have multiple-tiers as you pass through the game’s adventure mode. Cursed with undeath, this chook will be one of a number of creatures for you to encounter. I hope it’s friendly, because it… Read more »

Taking a look at the Hytale Model Maker

In this post, we’re going to give you a closer look at the Hytale Model Maker – the browser and app-based modeling, texturing, and animation toolkit that comes with Hytale. You may have caught a glimpse of it already in the announcement trailer or read about it on the game page, but it’s time to… Read more »