Hytale Maps


What is known about Hytale Devastated Lands

The Devastated Lands, also referred to as Zone 4, is one of the six zones of Orbis. It is volcanic, consisting of ash-filled skies and magma-covered mountains, filled with creatures of lava, bones and ash. Surprisingly, underneath the volcanic landscape is a lush, underground jungle, filled with strange and dangerous creatures. Devastated Lands Biomes The tropical jungle is a subterranean biome located… Read more »

What is known about the Hytale Alterverses

Alterverses are alternative universes (planets) within the Adventure game mode of Hytale. There are currently only 5 known alterverses: Orbis, Nexus, Karpak, Tor’Balyn, and Numdrassl. Players start their journey at Orbis. Orbis Orbis is the main alterverse, where most of Hytale ’s story takes place. It appears to be the most Earth-like of the worlds presented. Orbis features at least four zones – Emerald Grove, Howling Sands, Borea and the Devastated Lands, (names not finalized) which each… Read more »

Hytale Maps and how they work

The Map is a Mechanic that can be used to navigate the world, locate quests, place markers as perform various other useful functions. Map Overview From first appearences the map appears to contain a birds-eye view of the world, with various world icons overlaying the map, including Players, quests and other bosses. The map can also be interacted with… Read more »

Hytale World Maps

Hytale worlds are procedurally generated so we’re sure seeds will be used and can be shared you will be able to share seeds right here on HytaleSpy at release for more about how Hytales Worlds work keep reading. Hytale’s world generation system: the technology that underpins every area you’ll explore as you progress through adventure… Read more »

How Hytale Creates Its Worlds

Hytale, an RPG from the designers of one of Minecraft’s most popular servers, looks a lot like its blocky inspiration, but there are some big differences under the hood. A recent blog update digs into one of the upcoming sandbox’s most important features: its world generation.  Like Minecraft, Hytale’s procedurally generated worlds are a mixture of typical sandbox… Read more »