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All known Hytale Mobs, Monsters and Enemies

The game has not gotten into beta yet, but there’s still enough information to compile a bit of a list for all of the monsters we can expect. Keep in mind that some of these monsters and enemies might not make it into the final build of the game! CRAWLERS Crawlers lurk in the darkness,… Read more »

All known Hytale Animals

There’s a ton of animals we’ve already seen inhabiting areas of the game already, and there’s likely a ton more to come as we get closer to the beta launch of the game! I’ve gathered up as much information as I could find on the ones that have been displayed in blog posts and in… Read more »

How do I Reserve a Hytale Username?

  Usernames are a huge part of any multiplayer game, every player wants an attractive username that fits them specifically, however in Hytale, usernames are unique, meaning a single name will not be able to be used twice. This unfortunately means if you’re not first to choose your name, someone else might take it before… Read more »