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June 9, 2021
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Hytale Kweebec
Razorleaf Rangers
Kweebec pictured in Zone 1
DetailsZone: Zone 1
Alterverse: Orbis
Hostility: Peaceful

Kweebec Fandom is licensed under CC-BY-SA

The Razorleaf Rangers are a series of Elite Soldiers who are allied with the Kweebecs and are meant to act as a deterrent to murder-happy Players who attempt to attack and kill innocent Kweebecs.


They are a group of warriors (It is currently unknown if they are Kweebecs, but the name would suggest that they are) who the Kweebecs can call upon if either the Player or a Creature comes and butchers them. They were first introduced in the Edge Magazine where, the Content Lead, Sean McCafferty Lightly comments when talking about the Standing Mechanic:

Still, the Kweebec are no pushovers: “If you start butchering their children, they call these guys called the Razorleaf Rangers, who are hard as nuts,” McCafferty laughs.’


Kweebecs are usually cute and friendly creatures, but if a player walks into one of their villages wielding an axe or any tool that could harm their trees, the Kweebecs will attack to defend their home. As depicted in official concept art, Kweebecs may be enemies of the Trorks, other NPC’s that inhabit Zone 1.

Kweebecs are unable to eat food or drink water; similar to actual trees, they get their nutrients from the sun. Kweebecs can be spotted lying in sunny patches, gaining their daily nutrients. Kweebecs will also dip their feet in water to drink, similar to how roots of trees absorb water.

If a Player or a Creature begins to butcher or kill Kweebecs, the faction will call upon the aid of a group referred to as the Razorleaf Rangers, who are said to be insanely difficult to defeat. This suggests that they are some kind of Elite Protectorate that is only called upon for threats that the general guards can not handle. However, nothing else is known on them.


Young Kweebecs can have small rabbits as pets.

Treesingers may tell stories of their parents to young Kweebec saplings.

If a player were to attack Kweebec children, guards called the Razorleaf Rangers will come in to defend the Kweebecs against the opponent.


Adult Kweebecs may wear Leaf Armor, and sometimes a Wooden Helmet, and can be equipped with Razor Spears, Rustic Slings, and Firefly Lanterns.


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