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September 24, 2020
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Hytale Feran Faction


Some factions offer reputation to the player. Helping the faction / doing good deeds for that faction will result in an increase in the positive reputation for that faction. If a player betrays / preforms a negative action for the faction, their reputation will decrease. Attacking members of a certain faction will add negative reputation to the player for that faction. Depending on the players reputation, will determine how members will interact with that player. If your reputation is too low, Kweebec razerleaf rangers will attack. The player can increase their reputation by gifting Ferans making offerings to their creator.

Kweebecs »Emerald Grove »
Trorks »Emerald Grove »
Ferans »Howling Sands »
Scaraks »Howling Sands »
Outlanders »Borea »
Slothians »Devastated Lands »
Fauns »Borea »
Klops »Emerald Grove »
Human»Howling Sands »

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