Dungeons and cave-exploration in Hytale

March 17, 2021
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Hytale Zone 3 Dungeon
Dungeons & Towers
Hytale Challenge Dungeons
A tower found in Zone 1

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Dungeons are part of the cave-exploration system in Hytale. At the moment, there are two types of known dungeons:

Quest Dungeons – Spawn only once per world, these contain secrets and answers to Hytale’s history, which could be pointed out by quests or NPCs.

Random Dungeons – Spawn randomly in the world. Each one could have a challenge inside.

There has been talk of “challenge dungeons” being existent within the game, specified for people who want to test their limits and beat challenges that other “less-skilled” players may not be able to beat. There is speculation that some dungeons may not have breakable walls or floors, in an effort to prevent “skipping through” said dungeon to get to the end reward.


Cave is a general term to describe a naturally occurring underground chamber in which Minerals, Ores, and Monsters are commonly found.


Caves shall act as a natural entrance to the underground passages that can lead the player to find ruins. In Zone 1Bears will retreat to their Caves (or Dens) to Rest or Heal from battles. In Zone 3, Caves can potentially be inhabited with a Yeti as well as have Bio-luminescent Mushrooms which can be harvested and used.


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