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August 17, 2020
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Hytale Alterverses

Alterverses are default worlds in Hytale. The 5 concept worlds are: Orbis, Numdrassl, Nexus, Tor’Balyn and Karpak, with Orbis being the main alterverse. The only known alterverse is Orbis. As of now, there is no say if the other alterverses will make it into the game since no concept are has been verified. Orbis is the only alterverse that has been advertised in screenshots of Hytale.


ImagePlanet NameZones
Orbis »Emerald Grove »
Howling Sands »
Borea »
Devastated Lands »
Zone 5 »
Zone 6 »
Numdrassl »Unknown
Nexus »Unknown
Tor'Balyn »Unknown
Karpak »Unknown

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