Hytale Model Maker toolkit usage

May 25, 2020
Hytale Models
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Hytale generated landscape

The Hytale Model Maker gives players complete control over creating new game assets including furniture, blocks and outfits using 3D modeling software. Users can customize existing assets from Hytale or create their own. Custom creations can then be exported and tested in-game.


The texture of leaves viewed through the Hytale Model Maker. Leaves use a flat plane which is rotated to created a varied texture.

The base modeling system uses cuboids and flat planes which allows for more complex designs than just using plain blocks. Models can be created by resizing these cubes and planes. All textures in Hytale have been created using these. 2D designs are rotated to create a varied final texture.


Once a base texture is created, the static object can then be exported and animated.


Once a character is exported, it can then be previewed with a variety of accessories on.


Assets creating with the model maker can be shared to other users. Multiple people can work on the same model at the same time, and models will update for all players in real time.


The developers of the Hytale Model Maker Élisée Maurer and Nicolas Gauthier first met because of a software called CraftStudio, which aims to democratize game making by providing tools which players can use to make their own custom games. Wanting to create a more modular and web-based version of CraftStudio, they started a new project called Superpowers. When the development of Hytale started, CraftStudio’s developers noticed that the Hytale team was using it, but the software had some limitations, so the Hytale team decided to bring them into the team in order to build a new software: the Hytale Model Maker.

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