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March 2, 2021
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Hytale Slothian village
Slothian Village
A screenshot from the trailer showing a Slothian village.
DetailsZone: Zone 4
Alterverse: Orbis
Hostility: Hostile

Slothian village is licensed under CC-BY-SA

Slothian villages are overgrown structures found in the Forgotten Jungle inhabited by Slothians.


Slothian villages generate in the Forgotten Jungle under the Devastated Lands on Orbis.


Slothian villages are made up of a variety of overgrown wooden houses.

Docks in Slothian villages are made of wooden slabs and stairs with several jugs and barrels found throughout.

Lamp posts in Slothian villages take the form of carved wooden totems containing a lantern. Simple torches on poles can also be found scattered throughout villages.


Slothians inhabit the houses that make up Slothian villages.


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