Hytale Seeds

Hytale worlds are procedurally generated so we’re sure seeds will be used and can be shared you will be able to share seeds right here on HytaleSpy at release for more about how Hytales Worlds work keep reading. Hytale’s world generation system: the technology that underpins every area you’ll explore as you progress through adventure… Read more »

Outlanders Revealed

Earlier in the year, we unveiled zone 3 – a place of boreal forests, treacherous mountain ranges, winding rivers and deep ice caves. We showed you some of the creatures that inhabit this region, from hardy mountain goats to bears, woodpeckers, and even a yeti. If you’ve not checked that blog post out yet, do so now… Read more »


How To Access The Hytale Beta

Hytale is an upcoming sandbox game from developers Hypixel. Incorporating that well-known voxel aesthetic, the game will have all kinds of mobs and monsters to fight, NPCs to talk to, and fantastical things to do. I mean, check out the trailer below and tell me that is not one fun looking time. How To Access The… Read more »


When Does Hytale Come Out?

Hytale, the upcoming voxel-based sandbox game from Hypixel, is looking like it is going to be the next big thing in gaming. Building off well-established games such as Minecraft, it isn’t happy to just replicate what has come before. Instead, Hytale looks like it wants to offer gamers a world rich with content and activities, and some… Read more »


A Visual tour of Zone 3 in Hytale

Last week, we closed out our presentation about the history of Hytale at EGX Rezzed with a closer look at zone 3. If you didn’t catch it at the time, here it is! As detailed in our introduction to worldgen back in January, each of Hytale’s zones is procedurally generated using its own rules for… Read more »

Custom Content in Hytale

When we announced Hytale, we said that we’d be providing players with all of the tools that we’ve developed in order to create the game. Over the last couple of months, we’ve received lots of questions about what that means for modders and content creators. In the past, we’ve discussed how the Hytale Model Maker allows creators… Read more »