Hytale 2021 Video’s and Screenshots for February

February 20, 2021
Hytale News
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Hytale Moose and Owl

Another month has rolled past so we’ve put together everything that was released by the Hytale Team for February. This month covers Borea and much more.

There’s more to these woods than darkness and danger

Hytale Moose and Owl

On February the 5th the Hytale team released a new screenshot showing the night sky in zone 3 Borea this screenshot you will find a Moose and an Owl.

Improvements to Hytale’s dynamic audio system

On February the 12th the Hytale Team released a short video showcasing improvements to Hytale’s dynamic audio system. Within this video you will find many things such as a Cooking Bench, Campfire, and a Kweebec.

An explorer takes a moment to catch their breath after a challenging ascent…

The Hytale Team has released a weekly screenshot within Emerald Grove Zone you can also see a Trork Camp over the left.

On the hunt for their next challenge, an adept marksman takes aim…

Howling Sands Zone Hytale

This week the Hytale team has released a new screenshot from the Howling Sands Zone on Orbis. You can also see a Crocodile and a player-held Bow.

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