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January 23, 2021
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Hytale Scarak Lava
Scarak Nest
Scarak pictured in Zone 2
DetailsZone: Zone 2
Alterverse: Orbis
Hostility: Hostile

Scarak Nest is licensed under CC-BY-SA

Scarak nests are a type of prefab found in the Howling Sands of Orbis, and are inhabited by Scaraks.


A cavern with Scarak eggs in the Scarak nest.

Scarak nests are an ancient wild hives of Scarak swarms. It is usually noticeable by its aboveground part which is a large structure resembling a spire which has a complex system of caverns inside, such as passages and chambers, where the food supplies of Scarak swarm are stored or Scarak eggs are hatched.


Scarak nests are inhabited by various types of Scaraks. There is usually only one colony per Scarak nest.



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