Hytale Screenshots and Videos for April 2021

April 30, 2021
Hytale News
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Hytale Goblin

As March 2021 draws to a close below we have a recap of all the new screenshots released by the Hytale team.

April 2nd 2021 – Hytale Portal VFX Demonstration

This week, the Hytale team has released a video previewing some new VFX work

April 9th, 2021 – Goblin’s and Loot

Hytale Goblin

During the 2nd week of April, the Hytale team shared a new screenshot showing Goblins with a huge pile of loot the following message was posted alongside the screenshot. A goblin’s claim to power is a fragile thing – but this scavenger’s hoard is safe for now

April 16th, 2021 – Glacial Cave

Hytale Ice Cave with penguins

On the 16th the Hytale team gave us another look at Penguins in an Icey Cave alongside the screenshot the following message was posted. Living expressions of elemental magic watch over the denizens of this glacial grotto. Also, there are penguins.

April 23rd, 2021 – Kweebecs

This week the Hytale team gave us a new screenshot featuring Kweebecs along with the following message posted on Twitter. As custodians of nature, Kweebecs play and prosper within their leafy villages – all the while keeping vigilant watch over the deepest secrets of the forest.

April 30th, 2021 – Emberwulf

April 30th the Hytale Team released the above screenshot giving us another look at an Emberwulf with the following message. The Emberwulf embodies the destructive hunger of elemental fire

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