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September 30, 2020
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Hytale Gaia statue
Gaia and the Elemental Essences
Image of Gaia
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Gaia is presumably the goddess of the Hytale universe. She is a very important figure throughout Hytale lore and is worshiped by many of the factions in the game. Gaia has some unknown connection to the Elements of the game.

In Hytale, some of the races of Orbis, such as the HumansKweebecs, and Feran, worship Gaia. The conceptual art for the game suggests that Gaia may have been worshiped since long before the player enters the world, as there are ancient decaying statues in her image.

Gaia likely has an unknown connection to Varyn, the suspected antagonist of the Hytale story.


Gaia is commonly depicted with her five ponytails, each one representing one element: Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind and Earth. She wears a dress of green leaves, which symbolizes nature, and white cloth, that symbolizes the light.


Gaia resides in the Temple of Gaia in the Garden of Elements.


Gaia is a woman with long black hair, braided in five ponytails with a colored pearl on each, which represents five magic essences that compose life on Orbis – fire, water, lightning, wind, and earth. The green flaps of her clothes symbolize the nature, and the white flaps of her clothes symbolize the light — the primary element of Gaia. The golden spirals that frame the parts of her clothing, symbolize the sound — the force from which Gaia was born. Gaia is often portrayed holding a globe of Orbis in her right hand and watching it closely.


Kweebecs are known to worship Gaia and tend to carve small statues of Gaia out of wood from ancient trees. These statues are very precious to Kweebecs. Humans and Ferans can also make statues of Gaia.

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