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December 20, 2020
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Hytale trees sunset
Hytale Trees
Player looking up at Trees in Borea.
DetailsType: Prefab

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Trees are a series of very common Natural Prefabs found within every Zone.


Trees can be a common source of Wood, As they can be found throughout practically every Zone. Occasional fruit can be seen on trees in Zone 1 Not much else is known about these Prefabs


Trees are composed of wood and leaf blocks. They have many different types and variations mostly depending on the zone and biome. Trees come in many different sizes, with their structure matching the climate of the area of the world it has generated in.


Different variations of trees generate in every zone.

Foliage colors

Most tree leaves are shades of green, but trees in the Autumn forest biome are tinted orange, cherry blossoms are pink, and trees in snowy biomes in Borea are tinted white.

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