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August 16, 2020
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Hytale Building Blocks

The blocks category displays all default blocks that does not have any additional characteristics.

Everything the player sees, touches, breaks, places, etc. is a block. Blocks are what build the game and what the player uses to build their creations.

Hytale General List

These are the common blocks throughout the Hytale game, which form the world. Most blocks listed below will become part of a crafting recipe.

ImageBlock NameItem ID
Dirt Block »-
Grass Block »-
Ice Block »-
Marble Block »-
Quartzite Block »-
Stone Block »-
Tilled Soil Block »-

Hytale Lighting List

These blocks have capabilities to emit some type of light source.

ImageBlock NameItem ID
Hytale CandlestickCandle Stick »-
Wood Torch HytaleWood Torch »-

Hytale Liquids List

Liquid blocks are those which are allowed to freely flow throughout the world and are not considered a solid block . Players can interact with liquid blocks by swimming. The player can also take damage depending on why type of liquid they are interacting with.

ImageBlock NameItem ID

Hytale Benches List

These types of blocks help the player craft, build and create craftable items in Hytale.

ImageBlock NameItem ID
Weapon Bench HytaleWeapon Bench »-

Hytale Smelting List

Some solid blocks require to be smelted to take them out of their ore state. Once smelted, the smelted ore can be used to create other craftable items in the game such as tools.

ImageBlock NameItem ID

Hytale Smithing List

Much like the previous two block types. These blocks are used to craft Armor, weapons and possibly other items.

ImageBlock NameItem ID

Hytale Cooking List

These blocks allow the player to cook food. Eating food will affect the player, mostly restoring health / hunger. These blocks can possibly be used for other tasks.

ImageBlock NameItem ID
Hytale campfireCampfire »-
Hytale Cooking BenchCooking Bench »-

Hytale Storage List

The players inventory can get full quite fast. To prevent the overflow of items, the player can use storages to sort / store items in game to free up space into their personal inventory.

ImageBlock NameItem ID
Hytale JarsJars »-
Hytale Legendary ChestLegendary Chest »-
Hytale Stone CasketStone Casket »-
Hytale Wood CaseWood Case »-

Hytale Decoration List

These blocks refer to any other block that does not service a purpose but to be a mere decoration in the game.

ImageBlock NameItem ID
Zone 1 Elemental Crystal HytaleZone 1 Elemental Crystal »-
Hytale ScarecrowScarecrow »

Hytale Spawner List

Spawners create entities in a certain region, mostly mobs.

ImageBlock NameItem ID
Scarak Eggs HytaleScarak Eggs »-

Hytale Plants List

Plants are a type of matter that can be naturally found throughout the world of Hytale.

ImageNameItem ID
Hytale CactusCactus »-

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