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December 30, 2020
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Legendary Chest
Hytale Legendary Chest
A Legendary Chest as seen in-game.
DetailsRarity: Unknown
Type: Unknown
Storage: 9 Slots

Legendary Chest is licensed under CC-BY-SA

The Legendary Chest is a Block under the Category Storage with only 9 storage slots.


The legendary chest is an engraved Wooden chest with Golden borders and contains a small gem. 

This chest is obviously designed to either contain a rare item or to function as an end of a Dungeon reward chest.

It is intriguing, that this chest only has 9 storage slots, however, it could be suggested that this chest is designed for ascetic purposes rather than storage purposes.


Legendary Chest: An engraved wooden chest with a golden border. Has nine storage slots and contains a small, rare gem.

High Roll Chest: A wooden chest with golden borders.


A loot chest generates in the Emerald Grove ruins.

High roll chests can be found in shipwrecks, and both high roll chests and legendary chests can be found at the end of a dungeon.


Chests can be used to store items. Each chest has a different number of slots to store items in.



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