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September 27, 2020
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hytale inventory UI
Player and Inventory
Player model displayed in the Inventory menu.

Player Fandom is licensed under CC-BY-SA

The Player is a character who can be controlled throughout Hytale.


The Player’s appearance can be altered and changed based on the creator’s choices in the Character Creator. Multiple options exist for having Long or Short hair, combined with the color options present many ways for the player to express themselves. The player’s clothes also can be selected. All of these customizations work along with Hytale’s Gear system, as when a new piece of Armor is equipped, it layers on top of your preexisting clothes. Since Hytale’s Adventure Mode takes place in a rich-fantasy world most of the Customization options reflect this, allowing the player’s clothes, Hair, and Accessories to match the fantasy world around them. This being said Hytale also offers Modern options to reflect its Minigame portion. The Players Race can also be selected, however not much is know about this section of the player’s customizable abilities.

Game HUD


The Inventory is the collective place where the player can store both Blocks and Items. The Player has in total of forty-five Inventory Slots (five rows of nine). with an additional Four Slots for Armor and four slots for Accessories.


The Hotbar is a series of Items, blocks, or Weapons that can be quickly selected. The Hotbar can be located at the bottom of the screen and has nine available Inventory slots, Ranging from 1 to 9. The currently selected item can is displayed in a Yellow Outline. Tools and weapons that are used shall decrease in Durability, this mechanic is displayed in a green link that will slowly decrease until it disappears.

The player can also have two Items that can be quickly changed to for both hands. The left hand being Keybound to ‘Z’ and the Right hand being bound to ‘X’. These two connections to unique Radial Menus, one that allows access to several unique right-hand items (them being Shields or Light Sources and the other focused on Consumables, such as Food or Healing Potions.

The Hotbar also displays the player’s Wellbeing, in the form of its three Gauges; Health, Mana, and Hunger. Players should be wary and monitor these Gauges carefully as if either the Hunger or the Health Gauge disappear, the player shall receive penalties, which could lead to the player’s demise.


Currently Two modes are currently known; The Adventure Mode and The Minigames

The Adventure Mode focuses on allowing the player to experience a “Quest for the ages“, allowing them to traverse a procedurally generated world, battling foes and building structures of their desire.

The Minigames are sections of small or short games played by a large group of players, either divided into smaller groups or not, competing against each other.

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