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August 17, 2020
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Food includes is anything the player can actively eat in Hytale.

Not much is known about food in Hytale currently. There have been some videos, concept art and screen shots of harvestable food via farms. It is assumed that some animals can be harvested for food as well. That being said, information about any food item can be subject to change as we get closer to the release of the game. Here is what we have seen from official content released by Hytale.

Food Items

Various items that players can make and eat.

ImageItem NameItem ID
Hytale CheeseCheese »-
Hytale MushroomMushroom »-
Hytale FishRaw Fish »-
Wildmeat HytaleWildmeat »-

Crops Items

In order to initially plant crops, the soil must be first Tilled using a Hoes. After a period of time, the crops shall grow and be allowed to be harvested. Currently is unknown as to how these crops shall be initially collected and farmed.

ImageNameItem ID
Berry bush HytaleBerry bush »-
Hytale CarrotCarrot »-
Hytale cornCorn »
Eggplant HytaleEggplant »
Pumpkin HytalePumpkin »-
Hytale WheatWheat »-

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