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December 8, 2020
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Berry bush
Hytale Berry Bush
A group of Berry Bushes
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berry bush is a plant block that can be harvested to produce edible berries.


Berry bushes grow naturally throughout forests of the Emerald Grove.

Berries can be grown and harvested by players.


Berry bushes can be planted using berry seeds. After a certain timeframe the seeds will grow into a harvestable berry bush. When a bush grows, there is a chance it plants new seeds next to itself, creating a collection of berry bushes growing in an area.

When an individual bush is either planted or naturally generated, the bush’s vertical and horizontal height as well its rotation is randomized to simulate natural growth.

Plant Cycle

The Berry bush has a two-stage Cycle, and when transitioning from the first to the second stage, a series of dust particles will spurt from it.

Stage 1Stage 2
Berry bush Stage 1Berry bush Stage 2


Berries harvested from a berry bush can be eaten raw or used in food recipes.



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