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August 18, 2020
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Tools refer to any device or object that is used to carry out a particular function. They can be found or crafted with materials within and around the world of Orbis.


Pickaxes are a type of tool that is used to mine blocks. Using a higher quality pickaxe will increase mining speed, durability, and make more advanced blocks mine-able. Some types of pickaxes include:

ImageNameItem ID
Copper Pickaxe HytaleCopper Pickaxe »
Iron Pickaxe hytaleIron Pickaxe »


Axes are a category of melee weapons. These weapons, while having limited range of motion, can deal devastating amounts of damage when swung vertically. Axes can also be used as tools, being able to chop down trees easily. Many different types of axes exist, each with varying statistics and some possessing unique abilities.

ImageNameItem ID
Stone Axe HytaleStone Axe »
Steel Axe HytaleSteel Axe »
Cobalt Axe hytaleCobalt Axe »


Hoes are a type of tool that is used to till soil blocks. The process allows crops to be planted and then grow. Types of hoe include:

ImageNameItem ID
Copper Hoe HytaleCopper Hoe »
Iron Hoe HytaleIron Hoe »

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