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September 25, 2020
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Hytale Zone 3 Dungeon
Dungeons & Towers
A tower found in Zone 1

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Dungeons are a type of prefab found underground in Orbis.


There are two types of dungeons: story dungeons and world dungeons.


Dungeons are comprised of chambers joined by connecting passageways, often culminating in a “Final Room” which provides challenges and special rewards for the player. Dungeon entrances can be found above ground with two lanterns next to the entrance.


Dungeons are inhabited by different types of skeletons.



Towers are a type of structure that can be found throughout the world of Hytale.

Currently, it is unknown as to what the purpose of the towers, however, it is possible that they shall function much like Dungeons, providing the player with level upon level of increasingly difficult enemies and at the top a reward for completing it. All that is truly known is that each Zone shall have its own unique tower that connects back to the biomes Element.

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