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September 7, 2020
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Hytale Temple of Gaia
Temple of Gaia
A map of the Temple of Gaia.
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Alterverse: Unknown

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The Temple of Gaia is a sacred location in Hytale. The Temple resides in a mysterious land and can only be found through a portal on Orbis. Not much else is known about the temple, except that it was confirmed in concept art, and has something to do with the Kweebecs.

Garden of Elements

The Garden of Elements is an important area within the Temple of Gaia. The Garden serves an unknown purpose, and it is filled with purple trees. In the center of the Garden lies a Golem that has been corrupted by Void magic.


Through concept art it is believed that a portal must be used to access the Temple of Gaia. The temple itself appears to be a large mass of floating earth with a ruined temple situated on top.


The Garden of Elements is located inside the Temple of Gaia, and is overgrown with purple foliage.

Underneath the Garden of Elements lie dungeons: one story dungeon in the north-west and a world dungeon in the east.


The temple is inhabited by different Kweebecs. A large corrupted golem is found in the center of the temple.

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