Everything we know about Hytale farming and food.

August 14, 2020
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Some food can be obtained by growing crops in a farm. Other food can be obtained by killing animals. Food can then be cooked or used in respective recipes to improve its nutritional value. Farming food requires a hoe to till the dirt into farmland. Seeds may then be planted on this farmland and grown into crops. Crops will then grow in real-time over several in-game days.


Players cooking raw meat on a campfire. Players and other NPCs can eat food to restore hunger, which in turn restores health. Raw food can be cooked, making it more nutritious.


List of garden plants. Crops can be grown by players in player-made farms.



Farming livestock involves domesticating animals involving an animal happiness system that reacts to a variety of factors, including hunger level, available bedding, and having similar creatures nearby.

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