Hytale Devs Talk About Character Customization

July 30, 2020
Hytale News
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The developers from Hypixel Studios have posted a new update blog dedicated to the improvements in character customization and thrown weapons in sandbox adventure Hytale. The game’s character customization system allows players to select from a number of body options, hairstyles and clothes. The developers are seeking to provide players with an opportunity to express themselves in a variety of styles from modern costumes to fantasy attires.

Since the last update on the topic, the team overhauled the way Hytale uses color variations for in-game assets. Previously creating a new color variation meant creating a brand new texture while the new system uses gradient mapping. This effectively splits up any given in-game asset into three components:

  • The model, which determines the fundamental shape of the item.
  • The texture, which can now incorporate grayscale areas to tell the game engine where to apply color variations.
  • A color gradient file, selected from a shared pool of files, which tells the game which color to apply to the area designated in the texture.

Our goal is to allow players to express themselves using a wide variety of looks and styles that we provide as part of the game itself – and then empower modders to expand this set with their own creations. Gradient mapping takes that further, by allowing modders to provide customizable new assets for players to further personalize themselves.

In addition to the customization update, the developers also shared more details about how throwing stuff works.

While sharp objects like spears become embedded in the objects they collide with, others might bounce or break.

Physics systems and immersive audio help us add depth and tactility to your actions, and over time these small details add up to a much more believable game world.

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