Hytale: impressive videos showing the power of Modding

September 13, 2019
Hytale Mods
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Hytale Cave Bomb

The time has come for Hypixel Studios to reveal to us how creators and modders can use Hytale and build the world of their dreams. The answer is simple: absolutely everything is directly modifiable in the game, thanks to simple tools of use.

From now on, the Hytale team will keep its fans informed of the progress of the game, about once a month. And this August 21, a new blogpost is released on the official website, introducing us to the different ways to customize the game.

If Minecraft already allowed to build to infinity and modify some aspects of the game, it still needed to have skills to modder and realize unique servers. In Hytale, every little pixel of the game is editable without having to leave it, open a software and import its work. Menus and in-game tools will allow you to customize the weather, blocks, textures and anything you want.

Playing with the weather

In the picture below, we see the same landscape at different times of the day. Then you can incorporate different colors and weather conditions (snow, fog, aurora borealis …). Natural disasters are also not excluded. When will a server in Apocalypse mode with volcanoes erupt and earthquakes?

Here is an overview of the interface of the tool to modify, among other things, the weather. The small top bar allows you to change the time to change the colors for each period of the day. No visible lines of code … Just cursors and colors to make your job easier.

The dream of all creators and modders. A simple click and you can duplicate the structure you just built. This option is very useful for planting trees for example or to create large buildings (we replicate wall sections and hop!). Better still, it simply allows you to put your structure where you want and change the place at any time. No more need to destroy everything and start all over again.

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