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October 22, 2020
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Metal Mace
Metal Mace
The icon of the Metal Mace from Hytale UI screenshots
DetailsRarity: Unknown
DPS: Unknown
Durability: Unknown

Metal Mace Fandom is licensed under CC-BY-SA

The Metal Mace is a Melee Weapon with an unknown Rarity. This weapon is listed under the Warhammers Category.

So far most information is unknown about this weapon. 


The mace has been seen occasionally throughout Hytale’s Blog posts. However, more information about its use and name was revealed in the Inside the Hytale foley studio Blog Post.

Like most weapons, the Mace can be regularly swung or charged up to do a stronger attack. When it hits a creature, it also pushes said creature around depending on which direction it was swung, creatures that are launched because of the attack also take damage from colliding with other surfaces.

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