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[Closed] Hytale Mapping and Modding Rules  

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Section Rules

  • Do not ask, demand or pressure creators to update content, this includes asking if/when there will be an update, and applies well for downgrades
  • SMP "hack" and "cheat" mods or tools are allowed unless they are designed for griefing
  • Content which is designed to bypass authentication, security or enforcement features (such as the server blacklist) are not allowed
  • Altering existing content and distribution of it is not allowed unless permission is given by the original content creator. This includes Mojang assets, mods, and resource packs.
  • Threads that provide a download must provide a preview (either screenshots, videos, or any other appropriate method) for the content. I.E. mods need either screenshots or videos, resource packs need screenshots
  • Monetary links may only be used for file downloads
  • Do not link to websites that require users to enter private information, such as their cellphone number
  • Video-only threads are not allowed in Mapping and Modding Tutorials

Download Links

  • Download links must be located in the thread
  • Download links must be easy to locate
  • Download links to third party websites are acceptable if the third party website is a file sharing service (eg. MediaFire, Dropbox) or the page provides a direct download link


If a file interfaces with a remote service this must be clearly noted for anyone downloading the file, this includes:

  • Phoning home on install or communicating with a server for automatic updates and version information
  • Sending any information about the user, their environment or the installation to a third party
  • Downloading additional Resources and Files
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