Hytale Server types and game modes

May 25, 2020
Hytale Adventure Servers
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Hytale Camp battle

The server browser can filter different servers by type – minigame, adventure, co-op, competitive – and also by language. Servers will be tagged with what type of gameplay they offer. Players will also be able to differentiate between “official” and “unofficial” servers. Official servers are those which are directly owned and managed by Hypixel Studios, whereas unofficial servers are those which are made and managed by ordinarily players.

Servers that appear im the server browser can be joined by clicking the “Connect” button. Servers can also be connected to using a direct IP, without having to go through the server browser. Official Hytale servers will be found in the “Minigames” tab.

Players can give servers ratings to help others find the most popular servers. When a world is joined using the server browser, Hytale uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols to handle automatic port-forwarding when possible. If UPnP fails, then the game uses network address translation (NAT) punch-through to directly connect users through the internet without having to set up port-forwarding, regardless of what settings the players’ routers have.

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