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September 4, 2020
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Hytale Scarak desert
Scarak Worker
Will presumably work for the colony.
TypeMonster (Mob)
DetailsInitial State: Hostile
Zone: Zone 2
Alterverse: Orbis

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Scarak Worker is an archetype of the Scarak race in Hytale.


Scarak workers are known for their ability to work, fix and construct Scarak stuctures. A worker is one of the Skarak variants that evolve from a Scarak Larva. Their full purpose is thus far unknown. However based on the name, it can be assumed that they perform menial tasks.


Workers are tasked with (as their name suggests) repairing and building extensions to the Scarak hive. However, they are also tasked with moving Scarak Eggs from the Broodmother’s area to the hatchery, and organizing the Scarak’s treasures. Their duties may even include work within the Scarak prison, cleaning the Ziggurat or the Sand Palace.

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