What is known about Hytale Multiplayer

May 25, 2020
Hytale Adventure Servers
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Hytale campfire

Multiplayer allows players to join servers and play together.

Players can join multiplayer servers to play together. Community servers can be found and joined through the server browser, and official servers can be found in the “Minigames” tab. Alternatively, an IP address can be used to join a server directly.

Players can use their friends list to join servers friends are currently playing on, and custom servers can be set up without port forwarding.

Servers can customize and configure aspects of the game such as gravity and texture packs.

While the client of Hytale runs on C#, servers run on Java. The source code for server technology will be shared-source and available for everyone to read, unlike the client which will be closed-source to provide a baseline for players and server owners.

Hytale uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols to handle automatic port-forwarding when possible, so players can easily join worlds friends are on. If UPnP fails, then the game uses network address translation (NAT) punch-through to directly connect users through the internet without having to set up port-forwarding, regardless of what settings the players’ routers have.

An early screenshot of players in a multiplayer server.

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