Hytale beta information, release date

September 4, 2019
Hytale News
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Hytale is an upcoming sandbox game with elements from many games, but in particular Minecraft and Terraria. You will be able to explore a procedurally generated world, and delve into dungeons and battle against monsters to gain treasure! You can gather and destroy just about everything, and you will be able to create whatever you want with block-by-block construction. The game also has a large focus on allowing players to script and create custom experiences. There will be tools that come with the game that will give you the ability to create NPCs, monsters, and items.

The game is created by the people behind the very popular Hypixel Minecraft game server. They’ve created a separate company called Hypixel Studios, and the game started development in 2015.

Hytale Trailer

Hytale Age Rating

Hytale isn’t rated yet, but they are targeting T for Teen.

Hytale Price

How Hytale will be monetized is currently unknown. We expect that it will likely be a one-time fee to purchase the game, and that the cost will be in line with Minecraft. However, this is pure speculation and here’s what Hypixel has said on the matter:

We’re still finalising the exact details of the business model. When that’s done, we’ll share more details!


Unfortunately, there is currently no release date and we don’t really have a sense of how far out we are from the game coming out. Here’s information from their FAQ:

This date is still to be confirmed. We’re eager to get it into the hands of players but we want to make sure we do so at a time that makes sense. We want to be confident that we deliver a first impression worthy of player expectations as well as our own ambitions. Rest assured that we are ramping up production to deliver the game to you as fast as we’re able while also meeting these standards.

That’s pretty vague, and although the game looks pretty far along in the introduction video, it could be a while before we actually get any sort of release date.


We don’t know a ton about beta just yet, but you can sign up for it and be informed of any updates going forward right here. It looks like there will be beta test in the future, so make sure to sign up right away so you have a chance to be included!


Hytale is currently only planned for PC & Mac according to their FAQ:

Hytale will launch for PC and Mac, with the capacity to run game servers on Linux. We’ll explore the possibility of releasing the game on other platforms during development, but for now our focus is on PC and Mac.

If you are strictly a console player, I wouldn’t be too worried. The game would likely follow the same path as Minecraft if it gets popular. You could likely expect console and mobile versions to follow.

System Information

There is no exact information for system specs just yet. We’re obviously hoping this is going to be a relatively equipment friendly game due to the blocky graphics, but it seems to be quite a bit more detailed than Minecraft. I would expect the game to need a bulkier system than Minecraft, but it will depend on how optimized the game ends up being. More information from their FAQ:

We don’t have official minimum specs yet, but currently you can play Hytale on a low end integrated laptop GPU with default view distance just fine. We understand that many players in our community are running lower-end computers. That said, there will also be extensive graphics options available for players with more powerful systems.

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