Hytale will have undead chickens

January 22, 2020
Hytale News
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Hytale Undead Chicken

Though it’s hidden away at the bum-end of the latest Hytale update, I felt compelled to call out the zombie chicken. Hytale’s NPCs will have multiple-tiers as you pass through the game’s adventure mode. Cursed with undeath, this chook will be one of a number of creatures for you to encounter. I hope it’s friendly, because it looks like there’s going to be plenty of enemies to swipe at.

I’m heartened to see that Hytale looks like it will have some structure. I have been playing a lot of Minecraft of late, and I’ve been craving some sort of pop-up that sends me off on a quest with my friends. Hytale’s latest blog gives me hope that it will provide that sort of fun. It’s not terribly revolutionary: player gets quest, player goes on a quest, that sort of thing. Where you end up could be a pre-designed encounter drilled into the world’s strata, or a looser encampment that’s tougher to plan for.

More importantly, according to Bob Hytale: “Sometimes, an objective might be tied to an item – like a treasure map or a bounty note that sends you off in pursuit of a specific foe.

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