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September 4, 2020
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Hytale Outlander Colossus
Outlander Colossus
Colossus wields a massive battle axe
TypeMonster (Mob)
DetailsInitial State: Hostile
Zone: Zone 3
Alterverse: Orbis

Outlander Colossus is licensed under CC-BY-SA

An Outlander Colossus is one of the archetypes of the Outlander race in Hytale. The colossus is, by far, the largest Outlander archetype, and is said to be the most dangerous.


The Colossus wields a massive battle axe adorned with two Human skulls and wears large Cobalt armor. The left arm of the beast curiously appears to be warped into some kind of red monster claw, much unlike the rest of its pale skin.


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