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December 4, 2020
Hytale News
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Hytale Howling Sands Zone 2

In this post you will find all the released gameplay videos from the Howling Sands Zone 2. The Howling Sands also referred to as Zone 2, is one of the six zones of Orbis. It consists of sand dunes, rocky canyons, savannas, and other desert terrain. Under the surface lie sandstone caves with hot magma and precious rewards.

A video showing the animations of the Scarak Warrior 

A sandstorm shown in Howling Sands

A little nod to the Lion King the video shows Meerkat and a Warthog walking in Zone 2

A little showcase of a house build in Orbis Zone 2

A video showing the Ancient Tombs in the Howling Sands

A small showcase of how Cactus grow in Hytale

A player working while a Cactee sneaks up

A Feran keeping a lookout from up high in the Canyon of the Many Suns

A Hytale Mods showcase showing a player holding a gun shooting zombies

A demo of world generation in Howling Sands

In this video we see Scarak Eggs stuck to the roof of a cave in Zone 2

A smaller demo of world generation in Howling Sands

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