Hytale Screenshots for December 2020

December 17, 2020
Hytale News
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Emerald Grove Zone 1 Woodland Forest

With 2020 slowly coming to a close the Hytale Team has shared many new screenshots this month triggering a wave of fresh Hytale News. Below you will find all the screenshots released with a few details about them.


Hytale Camels

The Hytale team shared the first up-close screenshot of Camels in Hytale as you can see from the screenshot they are standing in the Howling Sands Zone.

Outlander Villages

snow settlement zone 3 Borea

Within this screenshot were given another look at Outlanders villages in In snowy Zone 3 Borea.


Hytale pigeon

This screenshot is a play on a well-known meme but to many, it shows a wild BuddhaCat next to a Pigeon.


Hytale lava cavern

Not much is known about this screenshot detail wise we can see a Monster top left in this underground Mineshaft.

Antelope Zone 2

Hytale desert river Antelope

A new updated look at Howling Sands showing Antelope by a river with improvements made to water vs past screenshots from Zone 2.


Hytale penguins

The first up-close screenshot showing Penguins in Borea. There is also a Polar Bear in the background.

Mineshaft Emerald Grove

Hytale mine exterior

A new look at Emerald Grove with a mine.

Howling Sands

Hytale Desert Sunrise

This screenshot highlights the improved water in Hytale also within this screenshot we can also see Scarak Ruins within the Howling Sands.

Autumn Forest

Emerald Grove Zone 1 Woodland Forest

This screenshot gives us another look at the Autumn Forest within Emerald Grove.

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