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September 5, 2020
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Hytale Trork Chieftain
Trork Chieftain
The leader of the Trork Camps
TypeMonster (Mob)
DetailsInitial State: Hostile
Zone: Zone 1
Alterverse: Orbis

Trork Chieftain Fandom is licensed under CC-BY-SA

The Trork Chieftain is an upcoming Trork Archetype, and as its name suggests, it is the ruler of a Trork Camp.


Trork Cheiftains are likely the strongest Trork Archtype. They wield a large stone weapon, and wear little armor. Trork Cheiftains also appear to carry equipment on their backs.


Unlike the other Trorks, the Cheiftan two skin colors: Sangria, or in RGB ~159 ~39 ~0 and Pizza or in RGB ~194, ~147, ~60

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